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Have you ever felt so confident about something to find out you were 100% wrong?

You felt like there was no other way for the situation to turn out different than what you had initially planned out. Your HEART, your INSTINCTS were telling you things were going to be just fine. You were beaming with radiance, so confident, excited, and couldn’t wait for things to transpire.

You carefully calculated and assessed every part of the situation, considered all factors, possibilities and yet, you were wrong? It makes you wonder, though, doesn't it?

How much of our life do we really…

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There are many things in life that are not for certain but one thing you can count on is that we are all going to get old one day and die. Shit, some people don’t even make it to old age, some pass early on in life. It is a hard pill to swallow but one must come to terms with it. There is no way of knowing when our time is up.

That is why it is very important to make the most out of your life. I feel like people tend to lose sight of this fact because…

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Fear, uncertainty, anxiety seem to be the main emotions everybody is experiencing right now. The pandemic and COVID-19 seemed to creep up on us like a thief in a night. Nobody on earth could have predicted these fearful moments — that will soon become history.

But in order for something to be a thing of the past, we first must live through it. We must go through the fog, the chaos, the challenging times. However, let me remind you of the power in which you possess.

You have the ability to choose how you respond to external circumstances. You have…

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Let’s face it, if you have lived for some time you would know that no matter what you are always going to be faced with adversity and challenges, there is no way around it.

Even when you are on a winning streak, and things start to suddenly crumble down it is easy to start doubting your capabilities and self-worth.

But remember, you are not alone. There are plenty of people who have experienced extreme setbacks, tragedies, and overall life turning events.

However, one idea you must keep front and center when you are going through the storm. YOU ARE NOT…

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Life is subject to many ups and downs, and sometimes we need small reminders that everything will be ok and that God is still sovereign.

I come from a “spiritual” background that’s known to others as “New Age”, however, God has revealed the truth behind it and I now follow Christ. I spent many years living the New Age lifestyle thinking that I was able to heal myself through the various healing avenues available.

But, I still struggled with depression, anxiety, and it felt like the more I engaged in the lifestyle, the more depressed and dark things became.


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Youtube can be a wild place, there are all sorts of videos on there you just don’t know what you will come across. Being under quarantine gives us nothing but time to so might as well find interesting things to watch right?

Well, I happened to come across videos of a man speaking to random homeless people on the street, politely asking for their story. To be honest, I never really cared about the homeless, or what their story was. I mean who goes around wondering about homeless people. Society brainwashed us to equate them to being less than, unfortunately.

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Trust the universe. The universe got you. Ask the universe for what you want and see it manifest into your life. They somehow made it ok to remove God and use the “universe”. Oh! and replaced prayer with “manifestation”.

I lived that life, trust me. I manifested many things, or so I thought. When the whole time God was blessing me when I didn’t even deserve it. I took credit for miracles he made happen but I looked at myself as a God. …

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This year by far was one of the worst, most challenging years I have endured. But guess what? I did not let it break me. I had a plan in mind that I was eager to live out. Unfortunately, just like the old-fashion saying, “nothing ever goes as planned.” I should have really had that tattooed on my arm or something because boy, did I realize that was the hardest truth.

I lost my job, I got hacked, and worst of all, I had an identity crisis. Jobs are replaceable, money comes and goes. Being hacked is common these days…

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Searching for the meaning of life has always been a common theme among all people for millenniums. I hope to offer you a fresh perspective on how to view life from a biblical standpoint. The purpose of this article is to introduce you to wisdom literature that is presented in the Bible known as Ecclesiastes.

There are three wisdom books in the bible. For example, the first wisdom book is Proverbs. In essence, Proverbs teaches about attaining wisdom, and the whole cause and effect relationship. If you do good, good will be returned to you. …

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Being in quarantine is a blessing and curse for some, but what we must do is always try our best to remain positive even if things seem gloomy.

In life, there is a time for everything. A time for happiness, a time for suffering, a time to be rich, and a time to be poor. And right now it is clear as blue skies that suffering is upon us, but what we must not do is fall into deep despair but look forward to the end of it all.

I know it’s easier said than done but it all boils…

Jasmine Cisneros

I write about Faith, Personal Growth, Mindset & overcoming challenges. My goal is to motivate and inspire you!

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